Britains Toy Soldiers

Pre-war (1/5)

  • Britains Pre-war Set #28 British Mountain Artillery Aa-11080
  • Britains Pre-war Set #173 Servian (serbian) Infantry Aa-11086
  • Britains Pre-war Set #67 Madras Infantry Aa-11066
  • 1901 Britains Pre-war Set #117 (13) Toy Soldiers Egyptian Infantry Whisstock Box
  • Britains Pre-war Paris Office Second Lifeguards
  • Britains Pre-war Set #1289 The Gun Of The Royal Artillery Aa-10830
  • Britains Pre-war Set #1599 Royal Northumberland Fusiliers Aa-1066488
  • Charbens Musical Trio Rare Pre-war Lead
  • Britains Pre-war Set #189 Belgian Infantry
  • Taylor & Barrett Window Cleaner Set Very Rare Pre-war Lead Retouched
  • Britains Pre-war Set #134 Japanese Infantry (dark Blue Tunics Rare) Aa-10663
  • Charbens Pre-war Vintage 1930s Very Rare Lead Game Keeper And Gun Dog With Fowl
  • Britains Pre-war Set # 128 Prince Of Wales 12th Royal Lancers Aa-10655
  • Taylor & Barrett Brewer's Dray Rare Pre-war Lead
  • Britains Vintage Pre-war (1926) Rare Lead Golfer #562 With Bag Of Golf Clubs
  • Pre-war Boxed Britains Types Of The Royal Navy No. 2080 Royal Navy
  • Britains No. 20f Farmer's Gig Pre-war And Boxed Rare
  • 1925 Britains Set #200 Motor Cycle Corp Dispatch Riders Pre-war Lead Toy Soldier