Britains Toy Soldiers

Soldier Type > Infantry (1/8)

  • Britains Very Rare Paris Office French Line Infantry. Circa 1915
  • Britains Extremely Rare Boxed Paris Office Set-french Line Infantry. Circa 1917
  • Britains Nestles World Cow. Pre War (1924) And Rare
  • Britains From Rare Boxed Set 143 French Matelots Running At Trail. Pre War
  • Britains Very Rare Boxed Set 171 Greek Infantry. 1st Version Circa 1913
  • William Britains Knights In Armour Medieval Set 9497 + Box England
  • Britains Machine Gun Section With Guns #1318 With Original Box W. Britain
  • Britains Super Deetail Holiday Pack 4 Boxes Wwii Us Army German Japanese British
  • Britains Rare Boxed Set 1856 Polish Infantry. Pre War (1939-41 Only)
  • Britains Boxed Set 1641 Underslung Lorry With Driver. Pre War Circa 1938
  • Britains Recasts Nigerian Artillery. A Huge Post War Set. Unique
  • Britains Set 110 The Devonshire Regiment. With Extras. Pre War
  • Britains Set 1436 Italian Infantry. Pre War
  • Britains Set 28 Mountain Artillery. Pre War
  • Britains Rare Unlisted Boxed Set 2178 Fort Henry Guard Band. Post War
  • Britains Rare Boxed Set 399 Us Marines, Active Service Order. Circa 1939
  • Britains Set 79 Royal Navy Landing Party. Early Pre War Circa 1910
  • Britains Set 39 Band Of The Coldstream Guards. Post War